I only need one word to describe myself. Awesome. 
Haha, JK.
Not much to say about me. I don't do that much :)
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Osaff333 Osaff333 Aug 21, 2012 06:11PM
@ErinTheFreak Thanks, But I'm not really good at competitions. I'm just glad that you like it
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The Emperor's Beloved

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Description: Being a concubine is a high award for the most beautiful of women in Argyris. Emperor Alistair holds hundreds of concubines in his harem, women of all different dazzling degrees. Dashing, mysterious, and dange...

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Stone, a druggy who can't seem to remember what happened but only knows he's covered in blood. It's all...

Lies, Murder, and Charges (boyxboy)

Lies, Murder, and Charges (boyxboy)

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Vail is your regular 17 year old guy. That is if you count having a druggie brother in jail, an ex-boyfr...

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Protection from the Past (boyxboy)

Protection from the Past (boyxboy)

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Tori Brandon is a boy that has gone through much at a young age. His past digs up many things he would r...

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Story Reading List

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