Hey I'm Donut! Or better known as @Renesmeercks, but actually u can call me Hay, I'm currently 18 and a soon to be senior :D ! I have a 2 almost 3 month year old daughter named Elize, she's my whole world and I bet she's cuter than any other baby out there!! She looks so much like her daddy @Footballdaddy which I love so much :) my favorite colors and Black and Purple , and I want to get published some day !

Uhm I'm here because Dounut wanted me to write something O.o so here I go. Time for take off. I'm xXEmoSmurf...lol. My real name is Mariah, I'm here to write with my co worker XD it's gonna be awsome and epic. My fav color is purple and rainbow, I love love love lolliepops.cupcakes are awsome and I love Chris <33

We have a story up and running in the Watty Awards, Called "Welcome To Camp Hell On Earth."

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~Love Oreo & Donut.~
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