Fruity Cheerios. Make the best reading even better. You really should all try it out sometime. But oooooonly eat them reading good books. 

Oh! Where's my manners. My name is Aaron. I know I know. What's with the weird username. Well the truth is I made it when I was playing club penguin. I'm just so uncreative to make a new one. Besides it has a nice ring to it.

I'm one of those peeps that is always like "ooooh I ship it". I guess it's a hobby. But that's awkward so I just do it privately. But yeah. Nothing interesting really about me. I just watch Star Wars all the time. Then trash Star Trek (no offense to Star Trek fans).

So like my first ship that I was REALLY into was Jonnor from the fosters. But that died out and so yup if was off to find a new ship but NOW I found jyrus and that is like the best ship EVER and so yeah I've been keeping up with that.

I might actually write a Jyrus fanfic but like there is so many all kinds similar (no offense to all the writers out there you all could write ten times better than I could ever) so I'm trying to think of ideas that would make it unique but that takes time. But I really wanna so I might start writing drafts and hopefully publish it soon.

Sorry for ranting but I guess I just got a lot to say about me. Byeeeeee peeps.
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