Let me introduce myself.....
I'm an avid reader, aloof student, noisy son, spirited writer (I hope so) and of course a keen otaku.

My favorite author is let's see I have thousands of them but I'll say at least three, JK Rowling, Veronica Roth and Suzanne Collins.

As expected I love their book which are: Hunger Games Trilogy, Divergent, Insurgent (and hopefully I can buy Allegiant which will come out in November) and of course the Harry Potter Series.

I love cupcakes with icing on the top and cakes (every types of cakes) and teas and books and teddy bears and knives and blood and flesh and I would really love if someone would volunteer to be my first experiments. (P.S I'm not a mad scientist...)

I also love deep English words and getting on my parent's bedroom.... LOL but I always do that every rainy night.......
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Description: Death. Despair. Destruction. Despair looms already, death will be inevitable inside the games and this is a punishment for the destruction years ago. Participating in it means staring and gambling your life ag...


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