what up?
No seriously hi...you there...yeah you.
Hi, I'm Onyx, okay so the first thing your thinking is who is that cool interesting person and how do I get to know them? No?well I'm right 9/10 times. I am a writer/programmer/artist I know what your thinking "she's so diverse,' 'she's like kim possible or something living a double life...and your right I'm am cool. and totally modest. and a liar.
So be my friend!
except you...no not you the person behind you, yeah you know what I'm talking about creepy old guy who looks like a rapist...go away
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OnyxBlack OnyxBlack Feb 27, 2015 05:56AM
Hey so if anyone has looked at my profile recently I am starting the last of the Jasper Drake books and since I've put you all through strife with my sporadic updates I've decided to do two things. 
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The Many Lives of Grayson Murdock (boy x boy)

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Description: The gripping sequel to 'The Mysterious Case of Jasper Drake' A few weeks ago all Gray Murdock had to worry about was knocking a home run out of the park and chilling with his best friend. However life has gone...

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To Die For (boyboy)

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The Mysterious Case of Jasper Drake (boyxboy)

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