Wazzup! So my name is way too awesome for you too know. My likes and dislikes are things that may or may not exist. My hobbies are stuff I like doing. And my dream... Welp don't know, don't care.
That's all my fabulous little b #$;!s *strikes a swag pose and leaves*

Just kidding!
So then, I am, well myself. No need to concern yourself with useless information. However, you could call me Koko or Misumi.

My likes well, I love anime, Wattpad, books, webtoons, and that's all! I love all those because it provides an escape from the bitter reality. I like to think more about what-ifs in the Unreal. (The capital letter of Unreal is on purpose.)

My dislikes are school (typical), stress, some people, my life, and sometimes myself.

My hobbies are watching anime, reading books or eBooks and fantasizing over the Unreal.

My dream is well, having the ability to go to every place, real or not and living and fulfilling life. Also, some other personal ones.

☆*:. o(≧▽≦)o .:*☆

I'm pretty sure none of you bothered to read the things above or maybe this, but either way...


  • In the shadows,watching you read this. JK 😉
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