Hey all, I need this survey completed for a project at school. Please help.


Thank you for adding A Demon too Many to your reading list!! I hope you enjoy it. I really appreciate it.


So a really long time ago I posted some of my works on the Wattpad but they were all too childish for me because I wrote them a really really long time ago. And I'm sure many of you could understand that, however I believe that now I have the ability to rewrite some of these and make them really good because they were decent ideas. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to start writing again however I don't think I'm going to post on here just because I feel that I wouldn't post frequently enough and I may end up giving it up again so for anyone who read mine and like the ideas I had I may give you an opportunity to see them again. That's about it thank you.


@OneWinteryNight I completely understand this feeling. I feel that way about a lot of my earlier stuff. I think that as writers...we write what we know... and our work grows and progresses as we do. :-) All the best luck.