I don't write stories but I FUCKING LOVE TO READ EM!!!!😍😍

Ok, fine wanna know more?😉

First of all yes, the profile pic is really me😂I know ugly right? But damn was that a good candy cane!

I AM ARMY.💖Jimin💖 is my bias, love, oppa, husband, my one and only! Don't even try to take him, he's mine, back off!😑But I'll allow you to have Tae if you want😍(I really love other groups and people as well but because Bangtan opened my mind to other types of music I have an undying loyalty to them)

So basically I love books like:
Mortal Instruments #Clace #FuckYouSebastian
Divergent #4and6 #FuckyouErudite
Matched #TeamKy #FuckYouXander
The Selection #TeamMaxon #FuckYouAspen
Hunger Games #TeamPeeta #FuckYouGale
Twilight #TeamEdward #FuckYouJacob
All the other ones I don't have time to write.😂Ya...I love romance😍and ship anything that moves, I'm very strong opinionated.😂I also love reading werewolf and vampire stories👍. Also I'm obsessed with anime and anything else on Netflix, like K-dramas!💖 I love Reign!!😍Frary is so bae! And 13 reasons why season 2😭! Theo James in Divergent😍don't even get me started!

So ya just your everyday average girl, only when I find something I like😂I become obsessed with it, like emojis(duh), unicorns🦄, rainbows🌈, #HoloSexual😎, stuffed animals😍, art🎨, music🎶, Groot😂, Ponyo😍, Harley Quinn , Disney 🙏, Starbucks☕, BTS, Holland💖, Boy story, dramas😂, Stray kids, got7, seventeen, Obama😏, books😘, and fucking everything else I come across!😂Ya not joking. Ask any of my fellow wattpadian friends.

Wattpad makes me have very VERY high expectations for the boyfriend I'll never have😂. I swear I wasn't always as dirty minded as I am today,😊promise! Wattpad changed me😂.😱That reminds me🤔I need my daily dose of holy water to clean my filthy mind😂.

😂I may or may not turn out to be insane😉just fare warning you. All right that's it, go away now I'm DONE😊,read something if you'd like I mean that's what Wattpad is for so...
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If your looking for a good book, I recommend.https://www.wattpad.com/story/132292783
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