Hello....You can call me Weirdo....well because I'm weird!

But not in those creepy, stare at you wierdos ( you know who you are!) or the Stalker kind of weirdos *shivers*

My Goals :

To make a New York Times Best Selling Novel : Dead Boy ( Book 1 )

To meet James Patterson, Steven King and Kidnap Christopher Paolini HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

( Just kidding for all you Eargon fans.....0.0....or am I? * evil Grin*)

I like many different books and any story that have Magic, Dragon, Merlin, Vampires, Werewolves, Magicians with bazookas,Elephants with rocket launchers ect.

My favorite Songs are Jason Walker Echo , Linkin-Park, Evanescence, J-pop and of course UVERWORLD ( the best Japaneses band and the opening song artist for my favorite anime of all time Ai no exorcists! I love Deadman Wonderland 2)

Please Enjoy my Book and support me by fanning, Voting, Commenting!
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    ......Ice Cream Land...0.o
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    Dec 27, 2011 02:49AM
OhMegaWeirdo OhMegaWeirdo Jan 26, 2012 09:45PM
@NinethHeaven LOL I bet you do! :3  
            I should be more like you...but alas Im way too nice.
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Description: My name is Jasper. I not one of your typical regular teens that you read about with freakish super powers, or the occasional pretty boy vampire and or the sexy-hot werewolf, sorry to disappoint you ladies...


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Dead Boy

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I am Dead Boy and I only want one thing Revenge.

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