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Name: Colorado

Age: 14

Personality: they can be cold or rude towards new people and will be distant from others they don't have close relationships with, they can't cope with their emotions correctly and sometimes have random bursts of a specific emotion

Clothing: they normally wear a long black trench coat that has bright white fur on the inside and their shirt is grey which has the words 'Colorado' marked in green on it with a weed symbol under it, they also wear a deep brown chapka with black fur on it, Alaska had given this to them and they also wear blue jeans and black leather boots that go up to their knees, they also wear black leather gloves

Relations: they hate Arkansas and Alabama for the two's recent transphobic laws, they are friends with Connecticut, Florida, then their siblings, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas then is best friends with Alaska and is lovers with Nevada

Triggers: they have some triggers that lead to them blacking out to rage or sadness, one of these are loud sounds like a sound a large bell makes or yelling, they also fear water due to the way they died which was in a raver then their body was disposed in a lake

Likes: anything that doesn't include socializing and drugs

Dislikes: People and interacting with people and doing activities with people

Gender identity and sexuality: non-binary, pansexual

Status: dead

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@GreekMotherGoose / @GreekFatherGoose

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@GreekMotherGoose / @GreekFatherGoose

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-prefers they/he pronouns
-loves history
-awkward and gets anxious talking to people
-loves to do art
-sucks at English even though it's my native language

How I'm doing mentally: *file not available*

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Official_Colorado Official_Colorado 3 hours ago
Hello! I’m just wondering, is it normal to hear a heart monitor for a couple of seconds?— I mean that I’ve only heard around twice but I’m curios, do others hear it? If so do you question it?
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