Hello, I'm anai from the account department! 
If you want to learn a bit about me.. watch the show, or read my description!
Name: its anai!
Gender: Male
Speices: I am a Japanese badger.
Sexuality: I'm bi
Interests: I really like cooking and reading. I also really like techno music!
Family: timberbloodymoonCP is my mother figure, but we're actually just really good friends
Status: single.. not like I have a crush or anything..
But.. you don't want to mess with me.. dont mess with me.. dont mess with me...! but hey! Maybe we can become friends! If you're a fangirl.. please dont treat me like we're actually dating unless I allow it.. it gets really awkward :(
I barely know any of you besides timber and gifany69(both of these guys make really good art so you should follow them!)

Credits to Gifany69 for my profile picture!
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Official_Anai Official_Anai Jul 23, 2019 10:53PM
SINCE TIMBER POSTED ABOUT ME, ALL IM GOING TO SAY IS THAT SHE IS TALL AS HELL! Tall, sweet, and a total meme lord. She's funny as hell
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