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《☆Open File☆》

//☆File Opened☆\\

∥Izuku Midoriya∥

【♡Hero Name♡】


∥July 15∥


∥5'5 ¼∥


【♡Blood Type♡】

∥Mom- @-MamaMidoriya
∥Dad- ∥


∥U.A. High School∥

【♡Dorm Room♡】
∥2 F∥

【♡Fighting Style♡】
∥Close-range & Long-range Combat∥




∥♡Todoroki- ∥

∥♡Uraraka-@-ochacolate ∥『だって好きなんだもの。』

∥♡Iida- ∥


∥♡Kaminari- @-kaminari


∥♡Ashido- ∥

∥♡Yaoyorozu- ∥

∥♡Sero- ∥

∥♡Tokoyami- ∥

∥♡Jirou- ∥

∥♡Shouji- ∥

∥♡Satou- ∥

∥♡Aoyama- ∥

∥♡Kouda- ∥

∥♡Ojiro- ∥

∥♡Hagakure- ∥


《☆ Message from admin:》
『♡I'm a multi shipper and I'm always down for a bnha rp smut, fluff, & etc. just give me some rp details such as who you and I are and the setting~. Oh! Also I'm fine with being whoever! I may be able to rp at 2:30 pm if you ever want to, bye now~! ♡
♡ Ps: I accept au's but I only know a few such as the fantasy(fairytale) au! Oc's are also an okay for me~!♡』

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