Name : Adrien Agreste  (Thats For Sure)

Age : 14-15

Im A Student , Part - Time Hero and A Fashion Model .You didn't need to know that Don't you ?

Cat Noir : @RealCatNoir
My Lil' Marinette ; @RealMarinette @Marinette_1
My ..... Lady ..... Bug : @chatslady @marinettesfreckles
Plagg : @KwamiPlagg
Nick Wilde : @RealNickWilde I am Here For You just don't go !
Snow Queen : @RealSnowQueen This Woman is Amazing !
Mulan : @RealMulan Iss Totally Awsome well a bit over protective

[ Sometimes We Wished That we Didn't know so That We Couldn't get hurt ]

[The Most Sweetest Person have the most Bitter life, The Most The Most Kindest Smile Have The Darkest Past , The Most Smoothest People Has Ths Roughest Pain ]


Why Are You Still Here ?➡➡➡

Didn't I Say Bye Yet ? ❌❌✖✖

Please Get Out Of This Bio , Im Tired Already ➖➖

Okay .Okay You Win !

❤Love Interest : Lady Bug ❤

Kay Bai !

Although I Am not here You were always on my mind : )

Status : HeartBroken @RealNickWilde STAY STRONG MAN !
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