I am a 13 year old artist front Toronto Ontario. I guess you could say im an interesting character. I dont see things the same way others do, theres nothing wrong with me, mind you. I am different in every way. I dont fit in anywhere, under any label or into any catagory. Im just.... well...... me, i guess?

I may be young but iget things way others dont or wont, i promise you this. I may seem rude or snobby but please trust me, i dont try to be. I Dont care who you are or if theres anything wrong with you or not. Your nice to me, ill be nice too :) its really that simple :)

Please enjoy my thoughts and plots in all my stories and posts. Im not very popular on here but i love to write and i hope that someone out there is gripped into my writing, always wondering when ill post more :) thats the only thing i want, is to be wanted or needed.

Now on a lighter note, let me tell you some random info about me:

Im very big on smileys :) ill use them everywhere but in my stories, Argo, I am also very big on talking as if though i was texting a friend ^_^

I am NOT single ;)

I love peanut buttter. Its a tie between it and rice for my favourite foods.

My hair is long. really long. The last time i measured it, it was over 3ft!

I wear glasses.

Im not afraid of the dark, just what might be in it, theres a difference XD

I love the colours green and purple.

Im Canadian, eh? (Me: How 'bout 'em 'ockey players? Moose, and stuff eh? Beavers!)

My thoughts tend to wonder.

Im addicted to texting and to tumblr.

I skipped a grade, so i will still be 13 when i start grade nine :$

My role model is Taylor Swift, and i listen to country and alternative rock music. However, i am open to all kinds of music.

Im very.... lets say unique:D I garantee you will NEVER find someone thats like me.
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OcularSplash OcularSplash May 19, 2012 04:39PM
updating my dreams and maybe Aether's Elements tonight.......need new cover for Aether's Elements....
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