hey people! so my name is danielle, but I usually go by Zell. I love to read and write, so the two combined are like my whole life. :) but here's the thing. if you are going to criticize my work, just don't bother with me. I don't want to hear it, cause I don't think I'm horrible with spelling and grammar. Anywho, I live in wattpad, so I've got no life. I do take reading requests, so send me a book and I'll get to it soon! :) I love music and singing, and am entering my sophomore year of high school. I'm a potterhead, and love supernatural, charmed, once upon a time, Grimm, Buffy the vampire slayer, and anything paranormal. I have yet to get to doctor who, so please don't hate me! I love comics, and my dad and I run an online comic book store. I love drama and the arts, but I'm going into business. :) while my updating has gotten much better, I still have an updating issue. sometimes. people ask, are you single? it's complicated. there's this guy. he's an idiot. nothing new. whatever. I love food. food us perfect. my favorite author on wattpad is Janie1617. go read her book, 'whos afraid of the big bad wolf' ! it's amazing! if you've bothered to read this far, I thank you, and respect your determination to learn about me. <3  pm me so I can meet all of you amazing people! peace out!
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Description: Brooke Martin and Jake Owens have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They were raised together, almost as brother and sister. Now they're entering the tenth grade, and romance is in. Love is in the air, and Brooke and Jake are close...

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Lexi Artem and Kyle Terwell met in the second and first grades. Kyle was a year older than her, but they...

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So I decided to put my knowledge of programs to use.... I'm going to start making covers for stories, be...

I think I'm going to start a new book, but I'm not sure yet. I already have a plot, cover, and I will definitely continue oblivious, but I don't know if it's a good idea. thoughts?