Hey readers! Just an explanation and a heads up as to why I haven't updated Charlie's story :X it's not been abandoned or put on hold.
          	My husband and I just bought a house on Friday! Hurray! So the last few weeks have been spent packing and cleaning our rental, and the last few nights have been spent working on the new place. I let two drunks convince me at 1 in the morning, 12 hours after we bought the place, that we should tear down the old plaster and put dry wall up...so the last three days have been spent building freaking walls lmao. So updates will definitely be slow to come out I would anticipate a few weeks before it really gets rolling as we work on the house and also we have a pretty big doctors appointment for our son next week so...yeah lol.
          	Stay tuned it will come, I haven't abandoned it at all I just really feel strongly about having  walls in my living room xD 


@ObsceneIrrationality Congrats that's so exciting!!!


@ObsceneIrrationality congratulations


Also I'm gonna miss Katherine and Alessio and also the others. But can't wait for Charlie's story ❤


Hi! Juat wanted to tell you that I'm obsessed with the Midnight Mafia Novel and ughh it's soooo good that i read all 3 books in less than 4 days ❤ i just love the way the story so unique and you're so talented. Keep up the good work ♥♥ 


After Hours
          Was truly a well written book. Not something I personally condone but nonetheless it was worth the read. 


Am sure you are a Home wrecker
          A mistress of alot of married men who is not guilty of her sin
          I hope you will suffer alot


Hello, I just finished reading your book After Hours and I loved it. I really appreciate that it was a realistic story, that actually happens in real life. Thank you and you’re an amazing writer. Continue the great work!!! 

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