Hi Guys. 

I'm Aysha, but you already knew that ;)

Unlike most people, I think I'm pretty good at this Bio writing,

Well this is me:

☛I love One Direction.
☛They love me too except they don't know it yet.
☛I like the Janoskians too.
☛Also, Jack&Finn.
☛In fact I just like fit boys..

☛I find it comforting looking at pictures, haha.
☛I have the best best friend in the whole entire universe.
☛My Mom is amazing.
☛I'm quite vain, probably a bit bitchy.
☛I like to write, which is why I got this. Logic huh?

☛ Favorite Colour: Probably Blue but Red's cool too.
☛ Favorite Book: The Hunger Games or The Gone Series
☛ Favorite Song: One Direction's cover of Teenage Dirtbag
☛Favorite Food: Coco Pops.
☛Favorite Thing: My Laptop, asdfghjkl. It's my baby<3


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OXCookieMonsterrXO OXCookieMonsterrXO May 04, 2013 10:07PM
@CrazyGurlll Maybe I'll wait a couple of years :)) x
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