I grew tired of my old profile. So, about me. 
Really, it isn't any of your business. Go away. Nothing here to look at. If you're still reading, you have no life.
That's your queue to get out. I've now insulted you cheaply and scorned your living style-- only a masochistic weirdo would still be looking at this.
Still looking, masochitic freak?
Maggot spawn.
There. I called you the offspring of an already mildly offensive bug. That ought to scare off the remainer of you...
Does anyone actually read these? I fervently hope not.
Ya know, I can keep on going. I can keep on spewing verbal abuse all day. I'm rather good at it...But I, unlike you, have worldly duties to fufill.

...don't you???
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Notlong Notlong Jun 11, 2010 04:54PM
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i had a emo marridge with a hotttt prepy trollz (WITH FANGS)0and blood

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Description: Rain Storm embarks on a journey of self-discovery and sacrifice in this thrilling debut. Featuring complex individuals, "Lovelorn: A Tale of How an Ill-Fated Pair Embraced the Bloodied Fangs of Passion&qu...

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