I'm Kat.

♥I'm 22, which is probably old for Wattpad

♥I'm in the profile picture (left)

♥I love to write, mainly give advice

♥I'm studying journalism in college

♥I'm on the cheer squad for my college

♥Sorority girl ;D

♥I love to talk, so just send me a message

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@The_SmexaiiAcorn: My little bro in real life, he convinced me to make the account♥
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    Long Island
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    Aug 28, 2012 05:41PM
NotForLong NotForLong Aug 28, 2012 07:01PM
@xoxoloveu I do! :D It's really amazing, the classes there are fantastic. I want to write for a newspaper, if those are still going by the time I finish -_- 
            And sororities are SOOOOOO awesome, I lo...
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