Let me tell you the first vital information about me...I love Cats! 

I'm a seventeen year old female. I'm a Leo and I like various of things. Ranging from Physics to Jacksepticeye! I aspire to be a civil engineer.
Btw I'm a sucker for romance! I can't get enough of it... That says a lot about me if you get what I mean... ':D (I fidget with my fingers*)

I enjoy reading books and cats...if you didn't know. I wonder if you can train a cat to read? That will be awesome!!! Awww!

If you want me to read your story, jot it down on my message board. But remember I'm doing this out of my free time so I'm not entitled to do so, but I'm nice and I'll give it a shot! ;)

Hope you enjoy my stories and comment, fan, vote and like it (I hope you do ^.^)!!
~Jellyfish Princess

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NoshinFarhatAhmed NoshinFarhatAhmed Aug 02, 2016 04:20PM
Just Uploaded A Teens Guide To Werewolves - Second Chance At First Line Part 1. Sorry for the Delay guys was suppose to upload this last Friday but it's here right? Happy Reading :D 
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A Teen's Guide to Werewolves

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Description: This is a Fanfiction. This story is about two protagonists being a part of the Teen Wolf plot. We are literally tearing into the script. Who's we? The two protagonists are called Cassie and Lillian. I am going...


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