Nora Fagan (born June 7, 2002), is a young writer born in Atlanta, Georgia. Nora loves to read (and write) stories. Her favorite stories to write (and read) are drama, romance, action, and horror. She is a proud member of the LGBT community, identifying as bisexual. 

Nora loves to play video games, especially Call of Duty, Fallout, and Overwatch. She loves meeting new people, and loves to be in the spotlight. Nora is described as being "happy, funny, and positive." by members of her family.

Nora is an animal person and loves dogs and cats both equally. She has two dogs; Frannie (born in 2008) and Gussy (born in 2004), as well as multiple outside cats that her mom feeds daily.

Nora's name means "honor" and honor does she show when around her family and friends. She has a wonderful mindset, and wonderful skills that can be proved false at sometimes, but overall, Nora has everything you need to fulfil your overall writing needs.
  • Georgia, USA
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