I'm a girl 👧 first of all. I love reading 📖 stories and novels stuff like that. And I love writing too. But, I get bored soon. I'm an A. R. M. Y.
I mean BTS (BANGTAN BOYS) Fan, since first half of 2016.

I installed this app, because of them at first. To read Demian the book of perfer for their album "WINGS". I didn't finish it at all. But, I understand as I want it to be.

After that, I looked after fanfics and another stories. Guess what, now I'm addicted to this app.

I want to write a story after all. But, I'm afraid. Caz, English is not my first language. And, I get bored soon. Well, if I have enough confidence I'll be able to make it.

That's it. And I'm 97 Liner...
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