I'm someone with a vision...a vision of owning a bloody book shop so I can LIVE IN IT! Hardcore, I know.
•I'm somone who is actually bloody proud to be English you tossers. There is no other place in the world where complaining and being a bit mental is not only accepted and, quite frankly expected, but also celebrated as real core traits.
•I'm someone who thinks ducks are EVIL, they ARE, get over it my peoples. They may look cute but there is EVIL underneath i promise you. If any creature were to team up with spiders (die by the way DIE) to take over the world then it would be ducks.
•I'm someone who actually doesn't like Twilight, not because it's 'cool' to not like it, but because i just think it's rubbish, simple as, end of.
•I'm someone who doesn't like cats, why you ask, well because they are obviously the next evil member in team SPUCKS!
•I'm someone who likes romance in books but can't stand it in real life. Relationships are over rated, big time. Especially m/m romances, love em to death.
•I'm someone who thinks of the perfect come back an hour after the fight. I'm NOT a slag, im simply drawn that way.
•I'm someone who would rather read a book than talk to other humans...books are more entertaining and less pradictable. (No offense to the human race as a whole)
•I'm someone that dances randomly in the rain...no umbrella, just dance like you don't give a shit.
•I'm someone who doesn't care what people i don't know think, why should i, i dont know them and they dont know me, so doing a cartwheel in waterstones because a book has come out early is completely acceptable.
•I'm someone who WILL be a well known author one day, it must happen, no room for argument. I have written two books and im aiming for my third. Writing is my life, I love it, it's who i am.
•I'm someone who daydreams constantly, sometimes, ok A LOT of the time I will purposely daydream for hours, its my third favourite thing to do next to reading and writing.
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Thank you to everyone for reading, i can't tell you how much it means to me. If you have any suggestions or comments please tell me.x
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