My name is Noel and I am in my 20s. I love to read! I'm the type of reader that analyzes EVERYTHING! Good and bad. And I'll tell you when I do or don't like something. I'm a grammar freak, but I can handle the subtle mistakes that are not so bad that I can't understand what I'm reading. I love to write, buuuut... I'm too lazy :p I find it easier to correct a story that's already written then to create one out of thin air. Like rearranging a puzzle that was already put together rather than starting from the beginning. 

I'm a perfectionist and can get pretty heated when I notice mistakes, but don't take it personally. I tend to act like you're personally attacking me when I see something in a story I really don't like. Sorry if you've already been one of my victims... When I'm not acting like a psycho editor and just giving out passive criticism I'm honestly trying to help because I really want you to live up to your full potential as a writer.

All the books I'm reading on this website seem to be bxb and the reasons for that are I don't really read stories that have a female as the main protagonist (I'm taking a break from reality so I don't want to read about female problems, not that I want to be a man, it's just more interesting to read about the gender that literally makes no sense to me) and I can't really find any books on this site that have a straight male protagonist and is a story I'm interested in.

I really like being on Wattpad because It makes me feel like I'm apart of a community and gives me an outlet for my inner frustrations with humanity. In other words, I can yell at and say things to characters in these books that I can't say to the real human beings in my life.
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Facts don't appear out of thin air because of your belief and your strong emotions. Debates are not debates if you are just lobbing insult at your opponent. The argument "I believe it and so it is."...
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