My name is Noel and I am in my 20s. I love to read! I'm the type of reader that analyzes EVERYTHING! Good and bad. And I'll tell you when I do or don't like something. I'm a grammar freak, but I can handle the subtle mistakes that are not so bad that I can't understand what I'm reading. I love to write, buuuut... I'm too lazy :p I find it easier to correct a story that's already written then to create one out of thin air. Like rearranging a puzzle that was already put together rather than starting from the beginning. 

I'm a perfectionist and can get pretty heated when I notice mistakes, but don't take it personally. I tend to act like you're personally attacking me when I see something in a story I really don't like. Sorry if you've already been one of my victims... When I'm not acting like a psycho editor and just giving out passive criticism I'm honestly trying to help because I really want you to live up to your full potential as a writer.

All the books I'm reading on this website seem to be bxb and the reasons for that are I don't really read stories that have a female as the main protagonist (I'm taking a break from reality so I don't want to read about female problems, not that I want to be a man, it's just more interesting to read about the gender that literally makes no sense to me) and I can't really find any books on this site that have a straight male protagonist and is a story I'm interested in.

I really like being on Wattpad because It makes me feel like I'm apart of a community and gives me an outlet for my inner frustrations with humanity. In other words, I can yell at and say things to characters in these books that I can't say to the real human beings in my life.
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So, I'll be the first to admit that I over react when a story doesn't go my way. My comment towards a story can be a bit extreme like many others that I've seen on here. What I don't get is when peop...
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