my name is evelynn and im 17. I write to mostly release complicated feelings I have, and apologize for being gone for so long, many situations have happened in my life, causing a more disturbed style of literature.

I enjoy being a nerd, and like being aware of all types of subjects, so I'll most likely leave some nerdy jokes within my works, and if it's considered nerdy I probably know it.

so thats me, I've quite changed in the four years I was off this website, and I'm embarrassed by my previous writings.

Also, if you want me to read your stories, just ask, I will read them no matter what they're about.
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Beneath this Skin of Mine

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Description: This wasn't a story of love, of understanding, or of discovery. This was a story of something wrong, something disturbed; this was a story of a young boy named Finn, and his misfortune of the fact he held the one thing that would disintegrate all he...


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