Ohkayy.. here's the thing..

*I am very dramatic with my look, attitude, and style.
*Being bold and different than the crowd is 100% me!
*I am Very outspoken, I tell it how it is.
*I love music..Seriously guys music plays a big part of my life.
As of dance. I just started dancing 2 years ago and I LOVE it, can never get enough of it!
*Yeah, I would admit it..I'm kind of a nerd.. #1 in science in my entire class, same with math!)
*I'm outrageously outrageous, I mean who can't get enough craziness in their life?
*Some of my biggest pet paves include: Open doors, open windows, bad attitudes towards good people, FEET, and demanding people.
*I can't say that I am not a sporty person, honestly I do almost everything that a school board will offer..
*I find guys who have the ability to dance more attractive than guys who don't, whether they dance hip hop or ballet. (But if you have no dance ability it's just really cute) (:
*I'm not a gymnast, but I LOVE gymnastics. It's just so interesting!
*Favorite movies by a long shot are Freedom Writers and the Step Up movies (Would I capitalize movies there?)

<<That's probably all that I can think of for now, however if you would like to know more about me just ask!(:>>
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NoRegrets4me NoRegrets4me Aug 04, 2012 12:47AM
@RosesRBlue2 haha idk, me too! Lol but I'm going to take a shower and ill text you to plan what days are good for us both when I'm done..(:
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