Hi. Good day! I noticed we're in the same book club. I was just wondering, are you inteterested in supporting each other. I mean you read, vote and leave comments on 5 chapters of my book and I will do the same in your work? Iyong parang sa book club lang? 


Hello po. If you have time, kindly read my stories:
          1. 100 Words: Land of Dawn (Mystery/Thriller — Filipino)
          2. Wild Blood (Mystery/Thriller — Filipino)
          3. Felicita (Paranormal — Filipino)
          4. Krissy's Untold Daily Life and Tips [KUDLAT] (Humor — Taglish)
          And if you like them, mind as well vote for it.
          Just reply below na lang, if you want, exchange tayo flood votes. Thanks po. (◠‿◕)