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WARNING! WARNING! I am Bisexual. I enjoy men more but women are so precious like a rose its hard not to love them ;D If you are a homophob, please remove yourself from my life :)

The names Matthew. But you can call me Matt or Ninja SpyFly. whichever :D
I love music!! Like SO much. if you like any of the music I listen to, we might become best friends.
You wanna list? :D

Asking Alexandria
Blood On The Dance Floor
Sleeping With Srens
Pierce The Veil
Black Veil Brides
Say Anything
Modest Mouse
Digital Summer
10 Years
Jeffree Star
of Montreal
Circulatory System
Blink 182
Escape The Fate
Chuck! No Captain Chuck
MayDay Parade
and much much more :F

I'm really into reading poetry so if you want it read, PM me or such :D I also love meeting new people so of course PM just to talk or cuss me out or something :J Because I'm a loser of course :S
Thats about it I guess.
PM. Fan Me. Post and such ;D
Byeeee <:
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    I'm a hobo ;D
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      Even of Montreal and Circulatory System?
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