let me tell you a little about my self. :3

I'm a gurl.

I'm 15.

I have longish brown hair, that's still annoying (i cut it :'| )

I am Septiplier trash.

A weirdo.

I belong to a lot of fandom's.

My taste in music ranges from everything to everything.

I can sort of write, but not really. #ShamlessSelfPromotion I got stories down there👇 XD

I'm really awkward.

YouTube is my home.

I am a sinful child. Don't mind me.

"Everyone is weird. Some just choose to show it more than others."

"I have books to read, do I look like I care?"

I basically live here.

I am some how no longer single. Don't know how that happened.

You can find me in any fandom trash bin.

I say "Wowie" way too damn much but it's catchy so idgaf

Have a shit ton of drafts I don't want to publish.


I curse way too often, but oh whale.

And you can always trust me. For I am a whale biologist.

And that's all I can think of right now.

If you got any question ask away!

I'm almost always online. (I GOT MY PHONE BACK, SO IM ALWAYS HERE)

My Twatter is that link down there, if ya wanna talk on that. I feel like its faster than the text system here.

And if you ever need help with anything, you know which potato to ask.

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ bye!

P.S. You look beautiful today.
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