I am a ninja. No further questions.

Okay, well, I'm not really a ninja. I just like to think of myself as an anonymous internet user. Meaning, I don't share my personal information, and tend to stay under the radar. I will however share a few things with you:

I am a huge fan of Doctor Who, Merlin and Star Trek. They're the only shows that I like to watch.
I love to read and write, but I am super lazy so I probably won't update very often.

I am also a big fan of makeup and sewing, but don't get me wrong, I am not shallow.

Despite not sharing my own personal information, I am a very friendly person, so feel free to talk to me about writing, fashion, makeup, or any of my favourite shows listed above.
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NinjaWrites NinjaWrites Sep 14, 2012 06:06PM
@SinISTER_9 Yeah, Doctor Who is my favourite show, and Sci Fi is probably my favourite genre to watch.
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