Sometimes I come back to read/reread your comments and please know they make me cry ;u; <3


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@NinjaNekoAru OH MY GOD im 20 now holy shit and those two the amt of stuff i drew bro


Hi i know you'll never see this but your books give me such good memories (i drew fanart too years ago! They're gone now tho lol). I deleted my old account an made a new one only recently and i just wanna say your still one of my most favorite authors, hope your doing good in life! 


Hello ninjanekoaru I'm shyanna but call me Lizy
          You've inspired me so much that I made a character based of your alien species thing(the onis) and I was wondering if I could use her more often and call her a oni instead of a RealmWalker 


That's fine with me! Thank you for asking! <3