Hello! I haven't been on wattpad in a while and I'm excited to start writing again. I probably won't be continuing my previous stories but I won't delete them just I'm case someone wants to read them. I have a new idea for a story and the first few chapters will be posted soon! 

Favorite quotes-any idiot can face crisis, it's day to day living that wears us out
Every man dies, not every man really lives

Favorite Books-
The Fault in Our Stars
Watership Down
The Hobbit
To Kill a Mockingbird

You can reach me at wattpadrox@gmail.com

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█████ 50% Genius
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Goals: (when I complete one set I erase it and post a new set)
10 fans [x]
20 fans [x]
30 fans [x]
40 fans [x]
50 fans [x]
100 fans [ ]

200 votes( )
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Update Schedule coming soon!
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Hey guys, uh, I think someone has hacked my profile so I might be deleting the account cause I don't want anyone getting my email a stuff. But if I do I'll make I new one and save all my stuff onto t...
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Description: Imagine loosing everything you love, everything you cared about, and everything you used to know. Now throw in the fact that your kidnapped by an aggressive pack of werewolves and you've only just begun to und...


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