Whatever the people in white coats say ISN'T true!! I'm a perfectly sane child!! I don't belong in the white room!! I'm just a normal teenage girl just ask all my role play friends!!

All right so I haven't been on in forever I know and I'm sorry about that all my hunnies and sweeties and - everyone!!!! My laptop has been taken away from me T_T so thus I'm not supposed to be on here. I don't really care anymore....so I'm going to ATTEMPT (did I spell that right??) to edit things on my iPod....no promises. I have the temper fuse the size of the tip of a needle- when it comes to technology.

YES I DO LOVE TO OBSESSIVELY ROLE PLAY!!!! I am constantly emailing Rp's to people: I have over 10,000 emails. So if you wanna Rp then just say hi!! I promise I'm both insane and at times evil. I love talking to people so feel free to pm me!! That's most likely where you'll get a response XD XD

I'll think of better shiz to put on here it's too early for me.

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Franco De La Ra Shuco (probably spelled wrong but autocorrect says its not) wrote:

"We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we are discussed to ourselves"
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Niniami Niniami 3 years ago
@xXRishXx Sorry dearheart!! This is blocked at my house, so I'm hardly ever on!! 
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