"Name?" she drawled. Her eyes were dead and her lips turned down. Each passing second, the crease lines on her forehead grew more pronounced. 

"Bookworm01," I stated firmly.

She sighed loudly. "Taken. Name."

This wasn't going as planned. After a beat of hesitation, I altered, "Nine_fires." Her fingers stomped over the keyboard.




"Full time student."

"Favourite book?"

Another hesitation. She glared at me for breaking our established pattern. I shrugged. She rolled her eyes and typed in an answer. The printer whined in the background as the person behind me grumbled under his breathe.

She held out the document to me. Curious, my eyes found the last answer: The Best Book Ever by Bookworm01. For the first time, I scanned her nametag: Bookworm01.

"Welcome to Wattpad. Next!"
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