It was deleted by Wattpad for "violating the terms of service", probably due to its explicit content.
          	I always uploaded smut to Wattpad cuz I thought it was more forgiving than dA towards explicit content. Guess I was wrong. I just don't know why they singled me out of the 1000s of other far more explicit/offensive stories.
          	Unfortunately, I've now decided that I'M NOT GOING TO REUPLOAD KUROKO NO PLEASURES anywhere. I'm just not into KnB anymore and I don't want to waste any more time on reuploading old content I'm no longer invested in. Plus, I already spent so many hours uploading it the first time. I don't want to waste anymore of my life on something that can just suddenly be terminated one day without my consent. {This officially marks the end of my involvement in KnB. I won't be writing for it anymore, sorry to disappoint.}
          	Anyway, I probably will NOT BE WRITING ANY MORE LEMONS/LIMES FOR A WHILE. I'd be too paranoid that it'd be deleted like Kuroko no Pleasures was. I had uploaded my smut to Wattpad instead of dA in the foolish belief that it wouldn't be deleted there. Obviously, it was, so I no longer know what fanfiction websites to trust with my smut. 
          	THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT I'M NEVER WRITING SMUT AGAIN. I'm just taking a break from it. And of course, any future smut WILL NOT be uploaded to dA NOR Wattpad. ...which means I'm gonna have to make new accounts on new fanfic websites, ugh. 
          	I'm thinking about ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN, maybe Quotev too. I'm not going to abandon dA or Wattpad, but I'm certainly no longer uploading smut on any of these websites. 
          	I know AO3 is pretty lenient on smut, but does anyone know Quotev's stance? I think that it's on the strict side, so if I ever decide to post smut in the future, it will probably only be on AO3.
          	Btw, I'm not making any new accounts just yet. I'm too busy at the moment, but when I do, I will inform everyone.
          	Thank you, and sorry for the confusion.


^^ if you have a book that's been deleted for whatever reason in your library - you can still read it cos technicality you've saved it & @NinaSmall12 good luck with AO3 (love reading your stuff)


@NinaSmall12 actually sometimes it glitches and stays. I have a fanfic that an author deleted but it's in my library so yea it's already been 3 months... but it depends don't rlly know what's happening . 


@Kore_Black Eh, I don't really know how Wattpad does things, but KnP's been deleted from my Works, so there's no getting it back. According to one  of my friends, the story will linger around in people's libraries for 1-2 weeks before disappearing completely :/.


@shiishou Haha, good, good. I'm yours too ;) ;) ;) <3 <3 <3. (God, we are totally   freaking out anyone that comes across this. We getting freaky on a public page lmao xD)