I think i'm a ninja sometimes. Call me strange, but that's me. I have an obsession...well not that deep, about action. It's fun to read as well as watch it. I'm a very cheerful person but like to be all ninja and stealthy.
Oh, and I love Kinder Bueno milkshake.
And climbing trees. Though I've never reached the top.
Climbing mount Everest is a dream I'm planning on achieving. I don't really enjoy climbing though.
I wanna fly, and swim under water without oxygen, and ride an elephant. Maybe even a magic Carpet!
Playing with Dolphins is also a dream.
Oh, and jumping from an aeroplane without a parachute definately sounds inviting...that is if you're not thinking of the messy puddle and meat you'll make on the ground - if you'll land on the ground.
Sometimes my 'other half' - You'll never know - comes on here to see what I get up to.
I love to read and write. It's one of my first time sharing my stories with strangers so I'm a little nervous. But I'm friendly and I don't bite. But I do find fangs facinating. You know, the sharp slender kind.
Another thing, I do not approve of foul language or swearing, though to fit my characters i have to add a few foul words every now and then. I try not to write them full so if you see a FB it really does not stand for facebook.

These are the things I've come to realize:
A whale gets washed on land and dies, the world wails and mourns its death.
A tiger gets skinned, the world can't stand food because that horrific pic is pasted in their minds.
A crime happens in the west and the world is over and Muslims are to blame. (They were Framed!)
My Muslim Brothers and Sisters get slaughtered and the World doesn't even blink - it's happening right now, in this blessed month, in Burma!
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