Hey. My name is Nicolle. Oui, c'est francias. Well, just the name. I am in college, studying English, but not sure if that will be my forever career. I work at the airport as an airline agent. So, my life can get interesting.
Huge book worm, music lover, and I try to write well. I can speak fluent Polish and obviously English. My French is rusty.
Down there are some of my works. I post some stuff on Young Writers Society, you may know me from there as Nike.
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NikeMustWrite NikeMustWrite Oct 27, 2012 06:24AM
Edited parts of Dirty Little Secret. New Chapters except for like three. New parts. Please read :) I would love it if you did <3
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The Uneventful Life Of Lena

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Description: Based on a true story, my life. This will have short stories, little snippets, of the most interesting parts of my life. But Lena will be reliving them.


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