Hii :D
I don't know why i joined here, but yeah i did so yeah :D
Anyway, I enjoy reading but I still don't like writing essays.
ANd yes I should be a good writer by now or at least a decent one since i've read so many books i'm practically ahmm uhh a librarian now? or w/e, but no i hate writing essays and i think my essays are hated as well hahahaha.
What's weird is that I like creative writing the one where i just write away and yeah.
But they say there's no good writing just good rewriting. D; so i guess i can't just write away and leave it at that HAHA.

BTW, I'm in love with Robert Sheehan and Jem/Jian Carstairs of "TID".
I also love Kaaaylove because she's awesome. OMG:D
I'm also in love with Kenshin Himura and Ben Barnes. Ok what the heck.
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