"There is no such thing as right or wrong. In the end, you wind up with the best of both."

If I know you, welcome back!
If not, hello! What brings you here?

I am a(n):

•Author (Wattpad only).
•Singer/Rapper/Songwriter (Not professionally).
•Photographer (Amateur).
•Runner (Distance).
•Movie, video game, and music-enthusiast.
•Crossover-enthusiast (in respects to the last bullet).

Yeah, I'm a big geek, haha! I belong to multiple fandoms; some die-hard, some live-only:

-Sonic The Hedgehog
-Mortal Kombat
-Kingdom Hearts
-Five Nights At Freddy's
-Star Wars (Still new to it)
-Dragon Ball Z
~(And I might update this as time goes on!)~

Hey, no matter who you are, if you ever need someone to listen to you rant about your day, or a break-up, or WHATEVER, I'm your guy. I'll listen :)

OK, good...Now YOU LISTEN!

Let's make this clear: I DO NOT CONDONE "FOLLOW-FOR-FOLLOW!" OK?! And I have my reasons! Go to my book "You Don't Even Know" and look for the story part, "Concerning My Followers."


And with that, yes, I'm always taking read-requests. I read in the order the books pop up on my Private Library, but I will ALWAYS GET TO YOU! ALWAYS.

#WrittenInAction #BadassReads #WRITEANDWIN #respectautism

Wall Of Shoutouts:
Lyndia (We are Strawberry Kool-Aid)
@felisleo18 (aka, The Super Potato)
Salli (aka, Official Potato)

If you want to be on the Wall Of Shoutouts, let me know (yes, it's literally THAT easy)!

If you read my works, I'd mostly recommend my main works, "Sonic & Friends Saga" and "Legend Of The Black Phoenix!" They are both... "unique" (I hope)!

Alrighty then, take care!
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NightmareAtBay NightmareAtBay 2 hours ago
Hey,Don't think I forgot about those books I gotta read! It may take a while, but you are NOT forgotten! I'm hoping I'm a little more free this week (last week SUUUUCKED), so maybe I can get to you...
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