You say evil, We say 'Megatron',
You say good, We say 'Optimus',
you say grumpy, We say 'Ratchet',
You say annoying, We say 'Starscream',
You say cute, We say 'Bumblebee',
You say girly, We say 'KnockOut',
You say role model, We say 'Ultra Magnus',
You say scientist, We say 'Shockwave',
You say girl power, We say 'Arcee',
You say quiet, We say 'Soundwave',
You say shy, We say 'Bulkhead',
You say bitch, We say 'Arachnid',
You say gone, We say 'Cliffjumper',
You say reckless, We say 'WheelJack',
You say betrayal, We say 'BreakDown'
You say fangirl, We say 'Smokescreen',
You say soldier, we say '5t3ve's'
You cry when your favorite character dies, We cry when anyone dies,
You have a heart, We have a 'Spark',
You can die, We 'offline'
You say Earth, We say 'Cybertron'
All you Transformers fans, you aren't alone, if you are one like I am, repost this on your Profile
If you've ever cried when listening to Transformers music...
If you've ever sworn to be an Autobot/Decepticon...
If you've ever compared a guy to a Transformer...
If you still read fanfics and watch the films even when people call you a nerd...
If it broke your spark when your favorite one died...
...and you cheered like hell itself had fallen when they returned to life
Post this, fellow Transfan, and know that we are more than meets the eye
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