'No one notices your tears...
No one notices your sadness...
No one notices your pain...
But they all notice your mistake. '

Welcome to my life

Real name: Daynea
Online name: Yami
Sex: Female

Age: 11
D.O.B: 7/10/2006
P.O.B: Lucy, Jamaica (im not exactly sure)
Zodiac: ♋ cancer the crab

Height: 4'12
Weight: 129 lbs

Likes: Classified
Dislikes: Classified

Sexuality: Bisexual, Moving closer to Lesbian
Current Status: Still dating anime characters to ignore the fact that I'm single

Hobbies: Classified
Fave OTP: Ereri

Type: The Lazy Women

Otaku Types: Fujoshi, Hime-joshi, Mangaka, Mangastra, Weaboo, etc

If you got questions, ask me them
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NightcoreloverUltra NightcoreloverUltra Dec 05, 2017 08:41PM
My phone just fell down he stairs and cracked and if I tell my parents, they will freak out and rage for all the money they lost buying it (even though my dad broke my first two tablets with a hammer...
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