Hi! I'm Fayth 

I love to blow with the wind and dance with the grass at Night
Every day I'm full of different ideas
So far my favourite book is 'Hey there Delilah' by Mp13girl

~ Watching Anime
~ Reading Manga
~ Crafting and creating
~ Spending at least 1 hour in the shower thinking about life

Colours ~ Black, white, and grey
Food ~ Anything with or that has chocolate in it.

I'm abnormal, seriously.
I love the dark more than light
I'm a fan of cats and kittens
I'm an Algerian Muslim, and proud
Love the smell of vanilla and Raspberry
I also can't seem to stop bitting my nails : I'm making it a goal to stop.

I love adventure and the outdoors
I love exploring
I'd be ready for most challenges, like skydiving.
I'm social, but like to be on my own most of the time.

I've got a huge imagination and think of alot of random stuff.
When a friend told me about wattpad, I thought of it as a perfect way to wright down my ideas.


P.S As off for now, all my stories are visible to me only. Soon I will have a story up shortly. So follow to stay tuned. :)
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