Hello there Wattpader! My pen name is Eva Winters and thank you for visiting my page.

I wrote Sadistically Sweet three years ago, and since then I have taken a hiatus from writing. Things have changed since I uploaded the final chapter of my beloved book, and I am thinking of getting back into writing. It might be a slow process, if it ever happens, but writing is a hobby of mine that I regret losing through the years.

I am currently a sophmore at my local community college before I transfer out to a four year university. I am studying accounting in hopes that one day I will become a CPA. My home city will always be Chicago, even though I grew up in a small town that hides in its wake. Growing up so close to the city has given a greater appreciation for different cultures and faiths. I aspire to travel one day so I can see the world in new light; I studied abroad in France for a month and it was a life-changing experience. I loved every minute of it.

Thank you to everyone who read my book, and I am truly sorry for abandoning everything for the past two years. I hope to get something up here, but it probably won't happen as soon as I would like.

You can contact me via PM or email (nightsky018@yahoo.com)

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Updated Goals:
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Description: After saving a young girl from being hit by a car, Haitlin Brookes had no idea her life would change forever. She didn’t expect the girl’s father to be a sadistic man, neither did she expect to get kidnapped. Now Haitlin has to find a way to escape...

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Where A Man Once Wept

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Ellen Collins may not have the best house or job, but she has her family. Unfortunately, her small famil...

esther_ahnn posted a message to NightSky018
Wow. I stayed up until 2:45 am and had the phone fall on my face, finishing ur story. At first, I feared she would fall in love with her kidnapper and I was going to stop reading but before I knew it, I was already finished. Your book hooked me in the very beginning and I just simply loved the metaphors you used. I think you are a wonderful writer and I really thank you for being cautious for grammar errors. Many writers in Wattpad, write amazing stories but make so many grammatical mistakes that I usually stop reading. The story made me feel all kinds of emotions. I really felt as if I was there, feeling and experiencing everything the character had. And I absolutely loved the ending. It was so beautiful. I know it's very hard to conclude a story and still leave the reader, thinking about the story. I truly think that the story deserved every single vote, of course, including mine. You did a great job!
Last night, I stayed up till 1am even though it was a school day... all because I wanted to finish that one story I had started.. and that story was sadistically sweet..
      you r an amazing author.. everything about that book is perfect.. I have now followed you and am waiting for another book by u..
NightSky018 commented on Sadistically Sweet - Fairytales

He is mad over how Haitlin is using classic fairy tales and inferring him as the "big bad wolf" and rumpelstiltskin. With the way she tells the stories, she is putting herself in the shoes of the heroine and him as the evil man who tries to take away her happiness. The wolf tried to kill Red, Rumpel tried to back the girl into a corner and get her first born, and Francis has kidnapped Haitlin and taken her away from her happiness. In essence, she is calling him out for being evil, and doing so in front of his own daughter none the less.