Hay Hay Hay! =P

Just a bit about me!
I'm slightly cryptic. Parts my imagination should be locked up... My ability to empathize is scary like sympthy pains I get them badly! (Like if someone tells me they ripped/ tore there toe nail off my toes wil start to hurt!...)

Im inlove with The Twilight Seires!
Im Obsessed with SKINS! Paramore! Family Guy!(STEWIE & ADAM WEST RULE!) You Tube! Ben&Jerrys! And Watt Pad! OoH And my PIANO! my GUITAR!
Im really young and my grammer is HORRID!
I Suggest you read:
Geez what an asshole! Thinks he's so cool! Stupid hot neighbour... (Not just because my Sister wrote I truly think its Awesome !)
Me a secret teen call girl going to highschool!
Bye Bye Virginity!
Seduce me!
Forget John Tucker: Kane Richards must Die!
Want me to check out ur stories... I doubt it but send me a Private
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NightSisterTwillight NightSisterTwillight Nov 06, 2009 08:05PM
Hey Guys ! Bad news its going to be late because i have major writers block !:( x
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[Love ,Kisses ,Alcohol ,Teens ...Lesbo's?]

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