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Many People Come In And Out Of Our Lives, But There Are Some Who Stay In Our Hearts Forever....

Everyone has a battle in the story of their life, but, it's those who know how to fight and write to the next chapter that reach, Happily Ever After....

Your Memories can last lifetimes, if you tell your story to those who'll listen....

When your young your too busy, when your older your too tired, but those who are truly special are forever young and never busy.

May Your Pencil Always Have Lead and Your Pen Never Run Out Of Ink

Best Friends stick together, through thick and thin, and no matter the difference of opinion. Because what makes them best friends, is the small things they disagree on, fight about, and become friends again regardless, because friendship can withstand the trials of life!

May you have a commendable and pleasant sunrise-to-sunset. God bless you for eternity and beyond the bounds of thought!

GOD is great; not just good, and he never hides, we simply don't have enough faith to see him face-to-face...

---[]--- put this
---[]--- on your
---[]--- page
[][][][][] if you're
---[]--- not embarrassed
---[]--- to tell
---[]--- others that
---[]--- you're a
---[]--- Christian
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NightOfTheAssassin NightOfTheAssassin Jul 31, 2013 06:21PM
            @MyDeath Yes-I drew all of those on my site. And my profile pic I drew and almost finished coloring(that reminds me-I need to finish)
            I am doing commission art if you want one done. Just ask and...
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