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@YourArtist SO GLAD you saw the tip. Thinking too much is absolutely the best way to kill your creative impulse. Just keep writing.  It might not all be good, but most will be way better than the things you never bothered writing :)


@NicholasQuill ,
          	  Once again, thanks for the advice. In high school, you are constantly asked ,"What do you want to be when you grow up?". Last year I wanted to go into PR. However, over the summer, I began to write. In the past I have started stories, but I always fail to finish them. I just, I love writing. I love how it makes me feel and I love how an author can connect to his/her readers. It is magical.  I have started to write more frequently than before, but I harbor a deep fear of letting people see my work. Any advice for that?


@NicholasQuill Are #JustWriteIt contests held every month? I even needed a help if you could please help me with it. I have a few fanfictions posted here and now I just want to write a teen fiction and a mystery/thriller. What are the aspects that differ between a fanfiction and a teen fiction?


Boa noite, recentemente terminei minha obra literária de título: Rave o caçador, a profecia. Estória que narra a vida de um grupo de jovens de uma cidade corrompida e dominada por homens de pouca moral que controlam o povo com truculência, fome e miséria. Um dos jovens se destaca, Rave seu nome, irmão de Kate. Garota fiel e devota ao seu grupo, que na maioria são crianças desamparadas. Uma profecia é associada a seu irmão e eles fogem com medo de serem assassinados. Alguns povos antigos de onde a profecia se origina os protegem, e começa uma guerra de grandes proporções. A aventura é regada de romances, batalhas, caçadas, traições, laços de amizade, relação de amor e ódio e uma mensagem de fé e perseverança nos idéias filosóficos dos povos originários da profecia. 
          Dê uma lida! Vai gostar! 


Hi! I'm a young writer and a three-time NaNoWriMo veteran, and would like to ask some advice with sticking with a story. As many of my friends can tell you, I tend to start one and lose interest, only to go through about 20 unsuccessful plotlines a year. I'm currently writing one I've been working on for over a year, which is the longest I've ever stayed with one book. Any advice on how to stay focused? Any advice is appreciated, though I can certainly appreciate the all-comsuming business of life. 


Hey. Not knowing much 'bout you makes you rather intriguing to a young mind wanting to right, you know? I'm already baffled by your ability of words from seeing you in the #JustWriteIt book. You should be proud❤️ I look forward to viewing your books.

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