Hey guys! This is a page for five girls, Lita, Allison, QyShawn, Hannah, and Savannah, loving One Direction! :) We all write Fan Fiction over them but sometimes we write more then that. We all write a different story about the other. Right now in the process, is Lou, Alli Cat And The Undeniably Random. As you can guess it's about Louis. :D I'm writing that one (go look)! :)
We will have other stories that come onto this website once approved by the other four members.
I'm Lita, by the way :) These Fan Fictions are about all of us, and at times the stories tie into each other. So, have a read! :)
~ Lita Lou! :)

WOOO! Unicorn! Above me, basically everything has been summed up! I'm Quishy and before I die, I'm going to marry Nialler! You've read Cupcakes With Mr. Styles? Yeah, I'm writing that one! Check, check, CHECK IT OUT! Have fun, broskies!
~Quishy! :P
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NewDimensions NewDimensions Oct 04, 2012 07:42PM
Allright guys! We need six more reads so we can update!! Also, we need some more votes come in y'all! Thanks for everything so far! :) 
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