@nurtured_dreams - she has adopted two of the discontinued stories, I do not know when she plans to post the stories nor her plans for them, i hope you welcome her to the site when she does create her account.

∎ You Want Me? Beg For Me - niam [2012]
∎ Another Bad Boy Story - ziall [2013]
∎ 1D Bromance One Shots - multiple [2013]
∎ Interviews With 1D Writers - 1D&Other [2013]
∎ Hey 1 - ziall/larry/niamish [2015-16]

☒ Seeing Is Deceiving - ywmbfm sequel [discontinued]
☒ Another Bad Boy Story: the sequel [taken down]
☒ 1D Bromance One Shots 2 - multiple : updates [discontinued]
☒ There's No Escape - ziall/narry/lilo [discontinued]
☒ Another Bad Boy Story: rewrite - ziall [discontinued]
☒ Hey II - ziall [discontinued]
- - - - -

thanks for taking a look at my page, i hope you enjoy my fanfics (the ones that are complete/in progress - heck, even the discontinued/hiatus ones).

i truly appreciate your support,

thank you.

COVER CREDITS: thank you to a recent friend I made for the covers to TNE, Hey, ABBSr, Bromance One-Shots1 and any new stories. she's the same one who is now the owner of ABBSr and TNE.
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Okay, it's been forever since I've posted anything (i.e finished the current stories). I will repost the old ABBS2 chapters just for old times sake. Anyways, this message is just to let you all know...
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Another Bad Boy Story: the sequel *DISCONTINUED* by NeverForgetThisLove
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