Well, I honestly don't know what to say as I think it's really boring to write about myself.
But considering that you will be reading this, I'm going to write some stuff about me.

So first of all, I'm a girl and I love reading books, the reason why I joined wattpad. To be honest, I have been encouraged to write a story by my friends because I had a good plot.

OK, there goes my reason for being here. Secondly, I like eating cakes and love chocolate and I guess most of the people around here like it too. :)

I do like sports. My fav ones are playing basketball and a bit of volleyball if there are no more options. Know what I mean? I do like badminton but it's not fun because many people don't actually know how to play it these days so it gets kind of boring.

Oh well, enough of me. (I actually wrote something about myself) If you would like to be my friend, or be my fan or vote or you know, something like that, I would love it!

Oh, and please please read my story 'Love You Till Death'!!! I really need more reads if I continue it!

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NeverEndingStoryxD NeverEndingStoryxD May 08, 2012 02:42PM
@xxrockstarxx Thanks! I like your story too!!
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