Hey everyone,

First off, thank you for stumbling upon my page, even if it was for accident. A little bit about myself, well, I was raised in Australia and still am currently living in this wonderful country. I have always been passionate about writing, ever since I put pen and paper together. My dream is to publish one of my novels, if possible, multiple of my novels. I have not succeeded this wish yet, but hopefully it will come true some day.

If you ask me to read your novel, I don't know if I'd be able to read it but I will try. But that, I cannot make any promises. But please, do not advertise any of your stories on my novels... I tend to get a little bit annoyed and delete immediately. So please tell me once and I will try to check it out whenever I can.

Thank you,
Neve R. Adams
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Hate is a Strong Word

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Description: Nick Carter and Sienna Smith grew up knowing one thing; they were enemies. Their parents were enemies, their siblings were enemies, and even their pets were enemies. They hated each other ever since they first saw each other. Unfortunately for both...

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The Bucket List

The Bucket List

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Ellie is one of those nerds who blocked herself away from people and studied non-stop ever since her mot...

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tacoscantdraw posted a message to NeveAdams
TBL was probably one of  the best books I've ever read. It deserves every vote, read, and nice comment it's ever gotten. I think your an amazing writer who will some day follow her dream of getting a book published. Just keep going with that dream and never give up no matter what, just know someone out there believes in you.
      Keep up the amazing work! Loved TBL and am starting to read your other novel!
Misteh posted a message to NeveAdams
I really loved The bucket list
      I almost died l inside while I read it though
      But the end was perfect
      Keep up the awesome work! ♥
      Ps: I'm planning on starting on your other book right away, so sorry if I spam with comments eheh
RainAndStories posted a message to NeveAdams
Your book TBL was amazing but I think there should be an epilogue or a bonus chapter to clear out the reason behind Daniel's anger issues or why he had those scars. Though its not a problem if you don't but I actually wanted to read more of Ellie and Daniel. Your work was superb,considering TBL was your first story. 
      Hope the best for your next book :)
MistyTerra posted a message to NeveAdams
I really loved the Bucket List! I read it all in just one day. It was just so awesome to read. It should have been longer though, because I was kind of sad when I finished it... Maybe a second part? :D I did feel a bit confused about the part where Daniel randomly jumped on her bed and tickled her, just the morning after they made the deal, but the rest was just plain awesome! I'm sorry to do this, but I just wrote my first two short stories. They have a bit of horror in it. Since I'm really new, I have 0 reads. So please check them out! It's worth a read! <3
bella_ferreira posted a message to NeveAdams
Hi! Just wanted to say that I loved TBL. You are an amazing writter and i'm felling excited with your new work. Thank you for all your time and dedication! Keep on doing a good job!